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About us

Nobile Wake

We have tested our boards on lifts in Germany, Argentina, Indonesia, USA, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Poland. During the 20-year history we have built a reputation of a company which manufactures the most durable boards with the best parameters available. The Nobile Sports R&D team consists of engineers and riders who have been contributing to the development of this sports for many years.
100% Wake Collection
We all love nature. We love people. We love to celebrate life. You can see that in new Nobile Wakeboard 2017 collections called: 100% Wake. We are known as best board manufacturer so you can enjoy high-end products. Our design department supported by Saatchi & Saatchi Poland prepared totally outstanding collection based on peace and harmony motives and elegant shapes and colours. We believed that wakeboarding is sport for everyone but life’s better when you’re are riding Nobile Wake!