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Wakepark Edition

Sizes: 127x415 | 131x415 | 134x42 | 138x43 | 141x44 | 144x44

375 EUR Euro

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Main features:
– very stable
– water channels
– steady ride control
– big and predictable pop
– high endurance
– friendly for jump learning thanks to used channels
– curved edges to help riding over obstacles
– destined for wakepark

Thanks to introducing the more rigid construction with channels, the ride on this model is stable and predictable.
Regardless of your skills, you will feel the ease of steering and perfect taking off from the edge.
Rental: * (5)      Flat: *(5)      Park: **(4)
  • BPB - Bomb Proof Base
  • Paulownia Woodcore
  • ABS Sandwich Construction
  • ABS Sidewall