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Eudazio da Silva

Eudazio da Silva

Eudazio da Silva, Brazil
3x Brazilian Champion
Top 10 in World Championships (6th – 2013, 8th – 2014). 

Eudazio is one of the best riders in the world. Born in Cumbuco, where the wind and the ocean were the school of his life. He is the born kiteboarder, combining strength and lightness when moving on the water – during the evolutions his skills gain a wide public acclaim. Eudazio is also a successful wakeboarder – the Argentinean vice-champion in 2014.

Why did you start kiteboarding instead of playing football, as almost every Brazilian does?
I have spent all my life in Combuco. It’s a small village with the best wind for kitesurfing. Among every 20 people 5 of them is trying football and the rest is kitesurfing. I play football for fun, while kiteboarding is my great love and it was so easy for me to achieve the world-class level, thanks to my local homeland.

Do you think you could be another Robinho or Neymar Jr.?
I would like to be next Neymar Jr., definitely.

Do you know any famous football players who like kiteboarding?
No, I don’t know if any of them rides the kite, but Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira – a well-known MMA UFC fighter – does that for sure. When he’s not fighting, he comes to Combuco to kitesurf and we have a chance to talk.

Why Brazil is so good to do kiteboarding?
Because we have the best wind, best weather, flat water and best waves at the same time. 

You travel a lot. Which place do you consider the best for you? City, beach, anything else?
Egypt and the Red Sea zone is one of the best places for kiteboarding. I also like Greece a lot. Paros island is a nice place to stay and I love it too. So is Bielsko-Biała, but rather too cold.

Who would you like to meet in your life?
FC Barcelona’s Neymar Jr. and Gabriel Medina – the surfing world champion.

If there is one thing you would like to try, what would it be?

And what is the most difficult thing you have ever done?
Cooking – my culinary performance never looks good.

What are you working on right now?
Progression, because I would like to be the best. I'm working on some new tricks nobody is doing and would like to be better than now.

Name one thing you can’t live without.
My family, my Mum and my baby... and then kitesurfing.

Who or what influences you?
Set Teixeira, my best friend.

What are you reading right now?
To be honest, not much. I’m totally preoccupied with trainings and travels, as well as analyzing my jumps. But I hope I would find some time for reading too.

Tell us one thing no one knows about you.
Some time ago, while waiting for a train in Gdańsk, Poland, I was checking my cell phone, and then some guys recognized me and said hello. It was so nice, and I never told anybody about it. 

It’s your last drink and meal on Earth. What would it be?
Various chicken meals and spaghetti Bolognese.

How do you want to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered as a good kiteboarder and a good person.

What’s your diet and workout routine like? Do you train anything besides kiteboarding?
Personal training at the gym and stretching. In Brazil the most traditional meal consists of chicken served with rice.

Kiteboarding looks similar to wakeboarding, skateboarding, windsurfing and snowboarding. Do you agree?
The most similar are wakeboarding and snowboarding.

How has the professional kiteboarding – in terms of popularity and competitions – changed since you have started over a decade ago?
Judging has changed a lot, as well as the level of trick skills.

What about other competitors? Are there more good riders than before? Is there one competition that all kiteboarders would love to win? 
Unlike in Europe, there are many good riders in Brazil. And the VKWC in St. Peter is the competition everybody would like to win.

How long do you think you will be doing this? 
I would like to compete for the next 4 years at least, and then we will see. I'm thinking about my own kiteboarding school. 

Tell us, what does Nobile mean to you? How do they work with you and improve your talent?
Nobile is my first international sponsor. They help me with travelling, training and support me a lot. Nobile is like my family.