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About us

Nobile Wake

We have tested our boards on lifts in Germany, Argentina, Indonesia, USA, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Poland. During the 20-year history we have built a reputation of a company which manufactures the most durable boards with the best parameters available. The Nobile Sports R&D team consists of engineers and riders who have been contributing to the development of this sports for many years.
Nobile Wakeboard 2018 Collection
Nobile wakeboards have won a worldwide recognition. From Europe, through Florida, Japan, United Arab Emirates, to the Philippines and Australia. Our contestants are the champions in their countries and at international events. 

Nobile is famous for its quality and attention to details. The bards are made of real wood, in accordance with the Nobile Human Concept philosophy and „sandwich“ technology; they own the „100% Paulownia woodcore” certificate as well! In 2018 collection we’ve introduced few advantageous and important changes which improve the feeling of the board and reinforcement. Welcome to the world of Nobile – this adventure never ends!

Life’s better when you’re wakeboarding!