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  • ABS Sidewall

    The main difference between sandwich and injection constructions is the ABS wall. Precisely adjusted, it protects and prolongs the board’s life-span, while the proper angle influences the riding control.

  • BPB - Bomb Proof Base

    “MAKE LOVE NOT WAR” but you can easily take our boards on a battle on wakepark. A special formula of P-Tex slide – almost indestructible and fast. In addition, the precisely selected material thickness guarantees the solid protection. BPB is available in every model of Nobile Wake.

  • ABS Sandwich Construction

     In this structure we use ABS partitions to transfer force edgewise. Our ABS combines qualities of vibration dampening and direct force transfer, which makes the board easy to ride and enable precise manoeuvring

  • Paulownia Woodcore

    The Most important is the board’s heart. It guarantees the best parameters on the market : low weight, endurance and quick response. The Pulownia wood is the most flexible material used in wakeboards, while the strong pop remains characteristic, even after whole season of riding

  • Nobile KISS Fin System

    Produced in „Click&Go” tool-free mounting standard. It takes just a few seconds to mount/dismount fins with your bare hands. A screwdriver is no longer necessary. We redesigned the mounting system to provide a stronger connection between the fin and the board. It’s also easier and faster to mount and demount the fins.


    Three-directional fibres improve the diagonal rigidity combined with very well balanced side and cross rigidity. As a result, you get an active board for aggressive ride.